About Adré


Adré is passionate about helping people get emotional healing to enable them to reach their full potential and goals in life. Her love for sport and people moves her to have a holistic view on health fitness and nutrition.

While studying B.A Social work at the University of Stellenbosch, Adré earned pocket money by teaching Aerobics to her fellow students at their residence.

She started her career as a Social worker in Malmesbury in the Western Cape, and simultaneously started a private Aerobics club by renting the church hall and teaching aerobics on a daily basis. She finished her ETA (Exercise Teachers Association) qualification to be a qualified Aerobics and fitness coach at the same time.

With two years’ experience working in generic Social work, problem solving in all fields, she moved to London in the UK to pursue a career in Social work and broaden her horizons.

During her time in London (1996-2004, 2008-2012) gaining experience by working in different fields and London Borough councils – specializing in the field of children & families and adolescents.

With her love of sport still very prevalent she did numerous fitness conventions, while keeping up to date with new technology by attending training sessions in Child protection and the care system in the UK.

During her time living and working in the UK she met her husband and had two children. She registered with the Association of Christian Counselors and started her own private Life style Christian counseling practice in London.

From 2004 to 2015 she had a private practice in Strand, South Africa, moved between UK and the Netherlands, had three kids in different countries, and returned to South Africa in 2015.

In June 2016 Adre started working as a School Social worker and counsellor at Strand High school in the Western Cape – working mainly with adolescents and their families with family and individual counselling, crisis intervention and trauma. Numerous teaching/training opportunities arose in training the personnel of the school as well as speaking engagements in the community.

In 2019 Adré embarked on training as a Neuro Life coach with Perspective training college and qualified as an International Neuro Life coach.  She is registered with the International Coaches Register and is registered on their data base.  The aim of this was to further qualify herself, not only in dealing with trauma and helping heal the past and coping with the present, but with the aim of helping people reach their optimum potential as human beings so the dreams can become a reality.

In 2020 Adré started her private practice as a Neuro-Life coach, combined with being a therapeutic Social worker. With more that 20 years of experience in three different countries with different cultures and cultural experiences behind her Adré is committed in helping people unleash their potential, not only as individuals, but in their businesses as well. Her love for sport, (and with three very sporty and talented children) drives her to help with a holistic approach to healing and enhanced potential.


Adré has a wide range of experience in the following areas:
  • ADHD
  • Depression and Anxiety (panic attacks)
  • Neglect and abuse (sexual, emotional and physical)
  • Trauma therapy (Eye movement integration, brain spotting & Multi-level Neuro-processing)
  • Disciplinary issues( parental guidance)
  • Bullying
  • Crisis intervention
  • Addictive behavior: alcohol & drugs
  • Teenage pregnancies & abortions
  • Self-harming behavior
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Depression & suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship difficulties (i.e. Parents, adolescents, marriages, friendships, divorce)
  • Eating disorders
  • Burnout
  • “Career Direct” assessments – guidance in subject and vocational choices via a series of online assessments measuring:
    • Personality
    • Vocation( general interests)
    • Skills & abilities
    • Values
Therapies used:
  • System based therapy
  • Eye moment Integration therapy (EMI)
  • Somatic mindfulness
  • Emotional regulation
  • Multi-Level Neuro-Processing
  • Ego states
  • Attachment theory


1989-1993:  University of Stellenbosch. B.A. Social work (4 year Honours degree).

1993:  Exercise Teachers association qualification as Aerobics and Fitness Instructor

2019: Multi–Level Neuro-Processing Life Coach @ Perspective training college.

 April 2020: Registered with International Coaches Register (ICR)

June 2020: Registered with Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa: Private Practice Number: 901725

Courses Attended:
  • Attachment Theory & attachment based Therapy Marinda Cilliers. 2017
  • Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMI) Dr Miemie Loubser.2017
  • Advanced Attachment therapy Marinda Cilliers. 2018
  • Advanced Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMI) Dr Miemie  Loubser. Clinical Psychologist.  2018
  • Anxiety exposed. Stress & anxiety workshop. Professional minds. 2018
  • Tapping into our Teens & Tweens@ Professional Minds. 2019
  • Time share of children. High conflict parents & personality disorders. Dr Philip Stahl. 2018
  • ADHD, Bipolar Mood disorder, Anxiety & Depression in children. 2019
  • Multi-level Neuro Processing: The Neuro –Coach Method (MNLP).
  • Emotional Regulation: from Neuro biology to practice. Dr Louise Aucamp. Stellenbosch. March 2020.
  • Depression: stumbling block or challenge:  Hannes Noeth. Stellenbosch. March 2020.
  • MLNP Ego states & working parts. Perspective training college. April 2020
  • MLNP and Trauma. September 2020
  • MLNP and Addictions. October 2020

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