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Comments from clients

Clients 1 & 2:

“My husband and I have been contemplating some kind of counselling for quite a while to find direction and our way in life again. .. After the first session with Adré `I could tell that this was not just counselling. We were both shocked to see the state we have been trying to operate and live in the last year by doing the assessments. For the first time we understood why we had no energy to attempt any big task or even have the energy to dream at all.

We have found so much value in the sessions we did – the emotional and physical release were amazing.  It was like a weight that has been lifted and I even started drawing again..”

Client 3:

“Having gone through previous coaching by a Harvard profession I started the process with optimistic pessimism.  I was pleasantly surprised that the Neuro Life program not only tested my current energy levels, but also helped define what was important to me in the workplace and my personal moral compass.

I found the process in identifying my dreams and aspirations so useful that I drafted a visual graph and discussed it with our Senior Vice president, who helped me navigate my next steps.”

Client 4:

“The assessments that were done were very interesting and helped me improve some of my outlooks on life, but it also made me curious about those things that are unknown to me and the possibility of a positive change.

Adré’s research and explanations about my profile was spot on, sympathetic and positive about what the future holds.

She is excellent as a life coach as she does not only focus on the issues at hand, but strives to help you maximise your potential.”

The distance between dreams and reality is called ACTION

Ben Francia
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